Python Subtitle Downloader(PySubD)


  • Recursively walks through the directories searching for video files in almost every well known format.
  • Searches and and fetches the best quality subs available.
  • Downloads subtitles and places them along with the video file itself.


Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP: Download link.


Just Drag & Drop your drive(s)/folder(s)/video file(s) into the program window. Alternatively you can simply use the browse button to select the video files and directories, and click the "Open" button. Sit back and relax, while pysubd finds and downloads the best language subs for you!


Sahil Gupta Mail in your in feedback, bug reports or feature suggestions to Did PySubD save you some precious time? If Yes, then send in your donations through PayPal to

PySubD is powered by the awesome subtitles service provided by and Kindly consider donating to them as well. This is a free and open source software. Source code can be obtained at


v2.0 A near complete rewrite of the entire application. Adds the much demanded feature of searching Addic7ed for TV series. Fixes a minor bug.

v1.1.1 Added icons to the main window.

v1.1 Includes a few bug fixes.

v1.0 Major upgrade. PySubD now takes into account, reputation of the uploader while choosing the best subtitles for your movies.

v0.95 PySubD is now out Beta. Now log-in and log-out is done only once per execution compared to multiple times earlier. Made a few log messages more informative.